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I specialise in making ceramic wall art for interiors. My interests focus on repetition and making up surfaces from individual elements. Like pieces from a puzzle, I play with different arrangements of colour and textures. I arrange the design so that it looks 'off center', this changes expectations suggesting it is a fragment of a larger piece.

My starting point is the camera, I use photography to record lines, patterns and rhythms found in nature and the built up world around us. I use these photos to create visual collages which then inform my ceramic work.

Alongside this, I have undertaken a number of public art projects and commissions making ceramic mosaic murals. Working with community groups and schools the projects have included a hospital garden, a school entrance, a railway station and most recently a bowling pavilion.

From my studio I run weekly ceramics classes for adults and run occasional workshops. I also work in primary schools focusing on specific projects.


1995 - 98   Edinburgh College Of Art

  • PG Diploma Ceramics

  • BA Hons Ceramics

Professional Experience

2012 - Present         

  • Founder of 'The Ceramic Studio'

  • Teaching adults and children 

  • Running community workshops

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